A Violet Pine

A Violet Pine are an Italian rock band formed in 2010, the band consists of the founder Beppe Procida (lead vocals, guitars, synthesizers), Paki Ragnatela (vocals, bass guitar), Paolo Ormas (drums).
Between 2010 and 2011, the band played live very often, in the meantime Beppe and Paki started to write new unreleased songs.
In September 2012, the band took part in the compilation called ” One of my turns: a tribute to Pink Floyd ”, published in free download from Mag-Music.com, with a cover of ” Embryo ” (Roger Waters, Works) and received several positive reviews.
A.V.P. Released their debut album “Girl” in 2013 for SeaHorse Recordings. The album got excellent reviews and the band promoted the release playing for festivals around Italy.
In 2014 A.V.P. continued to tour and started to record new songs with Beppe “Deckard” Massara who produced the second album “Turtles” released by T.a. Rock Records on 23th September 2015 (first day of autumn).
The day chosen for the release isn’t accidental, the band with the producer chose a date that has a symbolic meaning and represent the gray tones; mood and atmospheres in “Turtles” are shadowy. “Dense guitar textures and dark romantic vocals inlaid by electronic sounds and ruled by rough drums.”
Six months after the release of Turtles, T.a. Rock Records published a collection of 8 remixes by various Italian producers. These alternative versions produce musical worlds far removed from the original pieces which were the initial inspiration, creating new obscure “suggestions” and sudden turns towards the light where the beat exudes energy of the dance floor.
The band is on tour in Italy, promoting “Turtles” and “Turtles Remixes”.
Currently Luca Ormas (the drummer’s brother) is the new AVP bass player.