The project Endenocte was born at the beginning of the new century. It was actually in 2000 when Parma began to show evenings specifically marked on the music emerged from the 80’es.

The specifics of the case take us back to that musical period between 1978 and 1984. Years in which the music gave probably its most crative period most with punk, new wave, synthpop, dark and goth. In those years a myriad groups left an indelible mark into the kaleidoscopic world of music: Joy Division, The Cure, The Sound, Simple Minds, Ultravox, OMD … but the band to which reference are endless. “Post-Punk, 1978 – 1984″, an essay edited by the British music critician Simon Reynolds is namely the apocryphal testament of the invoked era.

Endenocte was born trying to evoke music and costumes of that time. In 2001 at the Onirica Club took place the first dark gathering . At the time the internet was just an option and Facebook did not even exist, in spite of this, we managed to convey the event through a portal, called the ‘Witch Grass’. The initiative was such a success, to pack totally the club of fans from all over northern Italy. Thus the organization linked to Endenocte did not go unnoticed, the same year Transilvania Club in Milan asked us to plan some evenings starting with a cooperation that lasted throughout the seasons with concerts (including Lacrimosa and Das Ich) and strictly themed DJ sets. The format developed acheiving the legendary Vinile of Bassano del Grappa; the following gatherings at Onirica and Ratafià awarded its amazing ascent.

After a few years break Endenocte comes back in the autumn of 2012, bringing it back to life at the Mu Club in Parma. The season 2012/2013 recovers the style of the time, updating its formula using partnerships linked to suchlike organizations around the country; An uproarious ascent thanks to the chance of a network able to englobe friends, musicians and djs. 2013 jubilantly season ended with the Krisma concert in May. Playbill 2014/2015 is a statement of intent; officially defined in its parts shows all the dates online. Former CCCP, Dyke, Soviet Soviet, Frozen Autumn, She Past Away, Sad Lovers And Giants, Neon, Modern English: these “magnificent 8″. Bands that do not need any introduction being high-sounding names of the Italian and international music that defines us.

Extremely composite DJ sets guarantee several facets during the evening; a real philological musical research from the inheritance of the 80’es. To nowadays modern sounds; no variation on the theme, but the scientific application of our musical feeling with a systematic study excluding any non relevant random effect.

Thanks to the excellent relationships established over the years with most of the realities close to Endenocte, several selectioner will be transiting in console, well big names veritable fuglemen of ‘the verb’.

Currently, Endenocte refers to the App Colombofili 15/d, Strada dei Mercati, Parma

Le Band

Endenocte Playlist

  • Peter Murphy - Cuts you Up

  • Simple Minds - Love Song

  • Talk Talk - 1982

  • The Chameleons - Second Skin

  • The Church - Reptile

  • The Cure - A Night Like This

  • The Horrors - So Now Yoo Know

  • The Sick Rose - Get Along Girl

  • The Twins - The Desert Place

  • Echo and the Bunnymen - Bring on the Dancing Horses

  • Passion Noire - Silent and Devotion

  • The Lords of the New Church - Russian Roulette

  • Boytronic - You

  • Krisma - Cathode Mamma

  • Cineteca Meccanica - Estate a Mano Armata

  • A Silent Noise - Tersicore

  • The Frozen Autumn - Is Everything Real?

  • Christine Plays Viola - Slaught of the Black Sun

  • Garbo - A Berlino Va Bene

  • Argine - Memorie

  • Soviet Soviet - Together

  • She Past Away - Rituel

  • Neon - My Blues in You

  • Sad Lovers and Giants - Lost in a Moment

  • Modern English - Someone's Calling

  • Der Himmel über Berlin - Alone in My Room

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