Endenocte Summer Edition – Final – La scaletta del dj set (23-07-16)

Chiusura della stagione affidata ad un piccolo mini – festival. Protagonisti The Black Veils, Japan Suicide e Artica. A seguire il consueto Dj set operato da Marco Pipitone, Dkz e Black Ossian.



Marco Pipitone


Red Lorry Yellow Lorry • Talk About the Weather

The Cure • Cold

The Human League • Seconds 

Simple Minds • Love Song

Depeche Mode • Behind the Wheel

Japan • Life in Tokyo

Duran Duran • Carless Memories

Ultravox • Sleepwalk

Suicide • Ghost Riders

Ladytron • Destroy Everything You Touch

And One • Military Fashion One

Rammstein • Angel 

Marylin Manson • This Is the New Shit

Siouxsie and the Banshees • Helther Skelter




Death in June • The Calling (MK II)

Virgin Prunes • Bay Turns Blues

Cinema Strange • Nightafalls

Alien Sex Fiend • Dead and Buried

Skeletal Family • Batman

Fuzztones • Strychnine

The Cramps • Human Fly

Joy Division • Ice Age

Litfiba • Tex

CCCP • Huligani Dangereux

Suspiria • Allegedly

Sisters of Mercy • Lucretia My Reflection

London After Midnight • Your Best Nightmare

Cabaret Voltaire • Nag Nag Nag

David Bowie • Heroes/Helden


Black Ossian


The Chameleons • Don’t Fall

Siouxsie & The Banshees • Hong Kong Garden

Light Asylum • Dark Allies

Joy Division • A Means to and End

She Past Away • Rituel

Clair Obscur • Es War

Luminance • Statics

Frozen Autumn • Is Everything Real?

Din A Tod • Creation Crucifixion

Neon • Dark Age

Litfiba • Eroi nel Vento

Guerre Froide • Demain Berlin

The Cure • Exploding Boy

Sad lovers and Giants • Things we never did

Norma Loy • Power of Spirit

Asylum Party • Sweetness of Pain

The Sound • I Can’t Escape Myself

Cocteau Twins + This Mortal Coil • Gathering Dust