Spiritual Front, la scaletta del dj set

Appuntamento consueto con le nostre scalette. A seguire quella eseguita dai nostri tre dj prima e dopo il concerto degli Spiritual Front.

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- Preascolto -

Anabasis • Dead Can Dance

Icy Down • Kirlian Camera

At Sea • Cranes

The Road On Witch You I’ll Die • Stalingrad

Die Nelke • Rome

God’s Golden Sperm • Death in June

Foretold • Mother Destruction/Sixth Comm

Tremo et Taccio • Camerata Mediolanense

Alta Via • Ianva

Last Farewell • Runes Order

Ostia (Death of Pasolini) • Coil

Restless Eyes • Lia Fail


Marco Pipitone


Come Before Christ and Murder Love • Death in June

Talk About the Weather • Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

Marian • The Sisters of Mercy

Shake Dog Shake • The Cure

Arabian Knights • Siouxsie and the Banshees

Third Unkle • Bauhaus

Isolation • Joy Division

Don’t Fall • The Chameleons

Sex Beat • The Gun Club

The Fire • The Sound

New Gold Dream (12”)

Behind the Wheel • Depeche Mode

Seconds • Human League

One Hundred Years • The Cure

Feurio! (MpRemix) • Einsturzende Neubauten

Eisbar • Grauzone

Kaltes Klares Wasser • Malaria!

Eclipse • Kirlian Camera

Amsterdam • Diaframma




Ruh • She Past Away

Body Electric • Sisters of Mercy

Suicide Landscape • The Beauty of Gemina

Falling Apart • Ikon

Allegedly Dancefloor Tragedy • Suspiria

Creation Crucifxion • Din [A] Tod

Dark Allies • Light Asylum

Things We Never Did • Sad Lovers and Giants

Half a Person • The Smiths

Rakim • Dead Can dance


Black Ossian


Dark Age • Neon

Die World • Lebanon Hanover

Es War • Clair Obscur

Pagan Love Song • Virgin Prunes

Go • Tones on Tails

I Can’t Live in a Living Room • Red Zebra

Primary • The Cure

I Will Follow • U2