The Chameleons + The Danse Society: la scaletta del dj set

Una serata epocale per molti versi, i concerti non hanno deluso le attese regalando momenti di grande pathos emotivo. A seguire i dj resident di Endenocte hanno offerto una selezione musicale filologicamente ineccepibile.


Preascolto curato da Marco Pipitone

Revolution – The Cult • Sumerland – Fields of the Nephilim • Russian Roulette – Lords of the New Church • Silence and Devotion – Passion Noire • M – The Cure • Lady Shave – Fad Gadget • This Fear of God – Simple Minds • Reuters – Wire • Invisible – Derniére Volontè •



Kirlian Camera • Eclipse

Kraftwerk • Radioactivity The mix

Depeche Mode • No Disco

Love is Colder TD • Wild World

Din a Tod • Creation Crucifixion

Derniere Volontè • La Sentence Est la Meme

She Past Away • Katarsis

She Past Away • Allegedly Suspiria cover

Death Cult • God’s Zoo

Sisters of Mercy • Body Electric

Cccp • Emilia Paranoica/Cccp Fedeli alla Linea

Joy Division • Ice Age

David Bowie • Heroes/Helden

Marco Pipitone

Peter Murphy • Cuts You Up

John Foxx • Europe After Rain

The Frozen Autumn • Is Everything Real?

Sisters of Mercy • Marian

Grauzone • Eisbear

The Cure • From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea

Echo and the Bunnymen • Lips Like Sugar

The Smiths • The Boy With the Thorn In His Side

The Sound • The Fire


Red Lorry Yellow Lorry • Talk About the Weather

The Mission • Wasteland

The Cult • She Seels Sanctuary

The Chameleons • Second Skin

The Cure • Fascination Street

Bauhaus • Third Uncle

Depeche Mode • Never Let Me Down

Black Ossian

Siouxsie and The Banshees • Hong Kong Garden

Christian Death • Romeo’s Distress

She Past Away • Rituel

Light Asylum • Dark Allies

Suspiria • Allegedy

Joy Division • A Means to An End

All Gone Dead • New Speak

Neon • Dark Age


Virgin Prunes • Baby Turns Blue

The Chameleons • Don’t Fall

Skeletal Family • Promised Land

CCCP • Io Sto Bene

Litfiba • Tziganata

Kap Bambino • Batcaves

Grauzone • Wuetendes Glas

David Bowie • Suffragette City

London After Midnight • Kiss