Norma Loy + Hapax: la scaletta del dj set

Ritorno le scalette dei dj set targati Endenocte. (cliccando su ogni titolo è possibile ascoltare la canzone!)


Preascolto curato da Marco Pipitone


Anywhere Out of the World • Dead Can Dance

Iron Fields • Triarii

Peer Gynt Suite No. 1. Op, 46 In the hall of the Mountain King • London Philharmonic Orchestra & David Perry

Carl Orff O Fortuna • Carmina Burana

Requiem and Prologue • Battle Royale

The Nutcraker Suite • Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Playing a Game of Go • James Horner

L’Ombra della Luce • Franco Battiato

One • Blixa Bargeld e Alva Noto



Dj set curato da Marco Pipitone • Black Ossian • Dkz


Marco Pipitone (Ore 1,15)


The Last Song • Trisomie 21

A Strange Day • The Cure

Seconds • The Human League

Love Songs • Simple Minds

Behind the Weel (Long Edit) • Depeche Mode

Cruisin • Spiritual Front

Happiness • Iamx

Papillon • Editors

Blue Monday • New Order


Black Ossian (Ore 1,45)


Watching Trees • Eleven Pond

Flay • Qual

Ice Cave • Lebanon Hanover

Feurio! • Einsturzende Neubauten

Statics • Luminance

Preset • European Ghost

Rituel • She Past Away

Dance With Her • She Pleasures Herself


Dkz (Ore 2,15)


Heroes • David Bowie

The Sanity Assassin • Bauhaus

Eclipse • Kirlian Camera

Yu Gung • Einsturzernde Neubauten

L’Amourir • The Young Gods

Requiem • Killing Joke

Body Electric • The Sisters of Mercy


Marco Pipitone (Ore 2,45)


Sacrifice • London After Midnight

Gatering Dust • Modern English

Romeo’s Distress • Christian Death

Dark Entries • Bauhaus

Arabian Knights • Siouxsie and the Banshees

Second Skin • The Chameleons

Nirvana • The Cult


Black Ossian (Ore 3,15)


Skeletons • The Sound

Don’t Fall • The Chameleons

The Others • Rendez Vous

Thorn • The Exploding Boy

Jeszcze Raz • Belgrado

Wutendes Glas • Grauzone

So Young So Cold • Kas Product

L’Envie D’En Finir • Baroque Bordello


Dkz (Ore 3,45)


Saltarello • Dead Can Dance

Fields • Death in June

Apapaia • Litfiba

Neogrigio • Diaframma

The Mercy Seat • Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

The Final Church • Current 93